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As a leading offshore management company, we deliver more than efficient and trustworthy offshore corporate services. We strive to be an extension of your business — a valuable partner supporting the management, formation, and coordination of your overseas companies.

We take the time to understand your business needs and deliver tailored solutions that combine innovation and flexibility. Our global experience, specialist expertise, and deeper understanding of what it takes to meet client objectives mean no project is too complicated for our dedicated and professional team.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your investments with overseas companies, manage cross-border businesses or raise capital, you may need to use an internationally accepted vehicle for your projects. At Segovia, we work with businesses worldwide. Our products and services relate to jurisdictions all over the globe, but we specialise in offshore corporate services in Singapore, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.

From company formation to directorship services and offshore fund management, we provide offshore corporate services to help your business seize investment opportunities, protect assets and grow wealth. We always deliver our services with guaranteed quality, discretion, speed, and efficiency.

Our Offshore Corporate Services

Multiple Jurisdictions

We offer company formation and liquidation services in all jurisdictions, focusing on Singapore, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.


If you need a resident director to meet legal requirements or manage and coordinate your overseas companies, we offer directorship services to help you expand your business.

Investment Funds

Protect your assets, simplify international financing and diversify your investments with offshore funds, set up and managed by Segovia.

Accounting and Banking

Our professional accountants can open corporate or personal bank accounts and provide specialist accountancy services to both onshore and offshore companies.

How Segovia’s Offshore Corporate Services Help With The Formation Of Offshore Companies

The formation of offshore companies can be a complex and daunting procedure, but Segovia’s offshore corporate services can help make the process simpler in a number of ways. With the ability to provide company formation and liquidation services in all jurisdictions, our expertise will equip you to set up your offshore company wherever you wish to. In addition, we offer directorships to navigate all the legal processes with ease and organise your overseas companies efficiently to take your business to the next level. Financial management and reporting is a necessity when setting up any new company and this is where our highly experienced accountants come in. With their expertise in setting up corporate or personal bank accounts, they promise specialist accountancy services to your offshore company. Finally, we set up offshore investment funds in the BVI and Cayman and provide all support services including fund administration, company secretarial and director services. Consequently, Segovia is a one-stop shop for all your offshore company needs.


A Trusted Partner with over 20 Years of Experience and a Client-First Approach

For over 20 years, our professionals from both legal and accounting backgrounds have provided innovative, responsive, and personalised offshore corporate services.

We forge long-lasting relationships with businesses, acting as a hands-on partner, often delivering a full suite of services including BVI company incorporation, nominee director services, company incorporation services and corporate secretarial services in Singapore to help our clients with company formation, offshore funds and bank account set up, and long-term compliance.

Our business model is based on the trust we share with our clients. Our attention to detail, efficiency, and experience allow us to deliver valuable results that help corporate groups thrive and grow.

Why Choose Segovia? Our Value Proposition

Corporate groups around the world trust us to deliver tailored solutions that meet their needs. With over 20 years of experience, we’re able to work to our clients’ requirements, no matter how complex, and meet their objectives with speed and efficiency.

  • Independent and management-owned. As a management-owned offshore services provider, we have a vested interest in the growth of our clients. We’re also able to make decisions based on our extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise. We determine our own operating practices to ensure the best results.
  • Extensive experience in many jurisdictions. For two decades, our management team has led businesses and provided services relating to audits, fund management and administration, family office, trust, and corporate industries in a number of jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, and the Cayman Islands.
  • Responsive and quick to react to issues. Our ability to respond and react to real-time issues quickly provides clients with peace of mind. We put our clients first and are always available to provide support and deliver results.
  • An excellent reputation built on trust and lasting client relationships. We work with listed companies, corporate groups, investment managers, and entrepreneurs across all asset classes and industries. By delivering an effective and first-class service with confidentiality and discretion, we’ve built lasting client relationships and an excellent reputation.
  • A global network of professional firms. We work with an extensive network of professional firms and service providers. These relationships help us ensure we always offer the best advice and services to our clients.
ACRA Accreditation

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