Trusted Corporate Services in Onshore and Offshore Jurisdictions

Protect your assets, increase your investment opportunities, and benefit from efficient corporate tax rates with Segovia, your international business partner operating in onshore and offshore financial centers worldwide.

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Take Advantage of Corporate Incentives in Onshore and Offshore Jurisdictions

Our team of accounting and legal professionals have extensive experience helping clients take advantage of corporate incentives in onshore and offshore jurisdictions. For over 20 years, we have been delivering tailored corporate services in countries around the world, including the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Singapore. We partner with our clients to provide trustworthy, confidential, and efficient support with company formation, management, and coordination.


We Deliver Tailored Corporate Services in Onshore and Offshore Financial Centers around the World

We offer a personalized service to ensure all of our clients’ needs are met. We can provide support in the form of a single service, or we can meet complex requirements with a full suite of services to support your business with everything from the incorporation process to long-term compliance. We operate in many onshore and offshore jurisdictions and serve clients all over the world.


As a corporate service provider based in Singapore and licensed by ACRA, we can work with your business to incorporate a company and ensure compliance with regulations by appointing a resident corporate secretary.

The British Virgin Islands

With vast amounts of experience in the BVI, we can support your business with company formation, ensuring compliance with the BVI Economic Substance Act or advise on liquidating the BVI company if it is no longer required.

BVI Incorporations (and Economic Substance) BVI Liquidations

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is one of the offshore financial centers we focus on and it remains the premier offshore fund domicile in the world. We are experts at forming companies and investment vehicles in this jurisdiction

Other Jurisdictions

While we focus on providing corporate services in Singapore, BVI and the Cayman Islands, we operate in many other onshore and offshore jurisdictions around the world.


Incorporate a Company in an Onshore or Offshore Financial Center

Incorporating a company in an onshore or offshore jurisdiction can help you protect and grow your wealth. Your business can take advantage of corporate incentives and benefits, including:

  • Convenient banking, financial, and communication services
  • Improved data security
  • The highest levels of privacy
  • Political stability
  • Efficient corporate tax rates
  • Asset protection.

At Segovia, our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of offshore jurisdictions mean we’re able to partner with you, your business, or corporate group to help you access these benefits.

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