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Transactions are significant events in the life cycle of a company and are typically high pressures situations and time sensitive.

With the experience of going though IPO’s, restructuring deals, financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, the team at Segovia will provide round the clock support to ensure all regulatory, compliance and corporate filings are handled in a time efficient manner.

Working with all the major law firms and accounting firms, we have the understanding and relationships to ensure a smooth process. With an experienced single point of contact, co-ordination throughout the transaction is assured. Post transaction, Segovia will act as a process agent.

Have confidence in your Singapore Partner during the life of your company

As a management owned firm, we value the personalized service that we provide clients. With compliance and corporate governance at the heart of every major transaction, we are able to act quickly and independently to facilitate a smooth and efficient service. With our professional team and affiliated companies, we provide front to back servicing of corporate transactions, processing, managing and administering assets in excess of $10 billion.

We offer a full suite of services including company formation, bank account opening, secretarial, registered office, directorships, process agent and accounting. With decades of experience dealing with fund and wealth management structures, we will manage the regulatory and administrative burden. Our professionals will provide a personalized service and ensure that all compliance is handled proactively.


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