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Hong Kong has long been recognized as one of the global financial centers. As a financial and trading hub for the region, Hong Kong acts as a gateway to China and is an important channel for inbound and outbound transactions from the Mainland. Investors looking at building business relationships in Mainland China or in the wider Asia Pacific region will benefit from setting up a business in Hong Kong. The set up of a Hong Kong company also takes advantage of a simple taxation system with a maximum tax rate of 16.5%

But setting up or relocating a company can be a complex task in any jurisdiction — slight mistakes in the registration process can lead to delays and invalid applications.

At Segovia, we offer a seamless process for Hong Kong company incorporations. As a Hong Kong-based corporate service provider, we’re able to ensure your company incorporation goes smoothly. Wherever you’re based, we can set up and maintain your company in Hong Kong without requiring you to visit in person.

Meet Hong Kong Registration Requirements with Incorporation Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Whether you need to incorporate a new company in Hong Kong or relocate an existing one, our professional accounting and legal experts can work with you to ensure your company meets registration requirements.

Our Hong Kong company incorporation services will always be tailored to your business needs, and we can provide support with:

  • Seeking approval for your company name
  • Preparing the required company information documents for Companies Registry
  • Incorporating your company
  • Opening your corporate and/or personal bank account
  • Meeting ongoing regulatory compliance and annual filings with the Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue

As a Hong Kong-based company ourselves, we can also provide Hong Kong secretarial services, accounting, audit, tax, and payroll services. By forming a strategic partnership with Segovia, you can meet these requirements while ensuring your company benefits from first-class support and long-term value.

Contact Us for Professional Advice on Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Request a free consultation to learn more about our corporate services and receive professional advice on incorporating a company in Hong Kong. We’ll create a bespoke proposal outlining how our services can help you set up a company, meet requirements, and maintain compliance.

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