Our Team

David Finlayson
Founder and Director

David is the founding principle and managing director of Segovia. A professional accountant, David has over 20 years experience in the corporate, fund and fiduciary industry. David represents companies and clients across varying industries ranging from fund management firms, family offices, trading entities, entrepreneurs and listed companies. David launched Segovia in 2020. He was previously head of the Singapore office for an international trust group and responsible for the Asia Pacific region covering offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Prior to this, David worked for Raintree Capital, a registered fund management company in Singapore. Before moving to Singapore, David worked for 13 years in the British Virgin Islands (2008 – 2010) managing private trust companies, providing corporate, fiduciary and fund administration services. David is a permanent resident in Singapore, a Qualified Individual with ACRA, associate member of ACCA and a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID).

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